We wanted to inform you that we have released the latest version of AllWebMenus Pro - version 5.3 Build #828

Check out What's New:

- Added an "iPhone menu" to the example projects.

- Added a "video" button in the "Tooltip Style" property, that links to an online page with a video for that particular feature.

- Added support for the new version of Dreamweaver CS5.

- Moved the "Show Item or Group on Appear" property from the "Advanced" section to the "Main" section of properties.

- Fixed an IE issue introduced in Build #826, where the menu was not positioned correctly by some pixels.

- Fixed an issue where the hidden state of a submenu was not saved.

- Fixed an IE8 issue, where if the menu was positioned relatively to an element and the page scrolled, the menu scrolled also.

- Fixed a Chrome issue with Server-Side menu implementations that contain images: The menu would not appear if the back button was hit.

- New version released for all Server-Side Menus API related products (Joomla menus, WordPress menus, etc.)

Download the latest version at http://www.likno.com/download.html

Important! Since Build #822, the activation process has been changed to better support non-admin cases. Therefore, when you install Build #822 (or above) over Build #820 (or below) you need to retrieve a new Activation Code from your User Area. It is important to clarify that this action does NOT reduce the remaining Activation Codes of your existing license.

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Hello everybody!

We wanted to let you know that AllWebMenus Pro version 5.2 Build #812 has been released.

Take a look at the new features:

- Added support for numeric IPs and subdomains on Server-Side Menu implementations (Joomla menu and WordPress menu implementations also). You can compile your projects for any numeric IP (example: for free, without any allocation required. The same applies to all subdomains of your allocated domains (example: subdomain.mysite.com).

- The "Use structure in web page" method (UL/LI) now uses the "noscript" method to hide the menu structure from visitors, for better SEO.

- New, music-related theme (free) inside AllWebMenus:

Music drop-down menu

- Fixed an issue where the size of an item was not calculated correctly if the image was png and the menu was compiled as a Server-Side Menu (IE8 only).

- Fixed an issue where the "Auto Highlight" feature was not working properly if the "group will also appear selected and open" was also checked.

To download the latest version, please visit:


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