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Initial Email Subject: What theme does this menu use?
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I have a website that has a menu created using an older version of AllWebMenus Pro, specifically "DHTML Menu Created using AllWebMenus PRO ver 5.2-#806.   I need to update the menu to work with modern browsers including Safari.  Unfortunately the original developer is no longer around, and we do not have access to the menu project files. Once we purchase the latest version of AllWebMenus Pro, could you tell me what theme was used to create the menu for this site,   I've looked through the examples and could not find one that looked exactly the same.

menu theme

Thank you,


Reply From: Likno Customer Support

Dear Simon,

It looks like the “Meltingbar” theme, which is in the default horizontal themes included with the application.

However it seems that you used only the submenu styling and not the main menu styling. This can be easily achieved if you select the specific theme and then copy-paste the style in the Style Editor:

(use right-click)

copy menu style values

paste menu style values

sub group copy style values

paste style values

Best Regards,
Likno Customer Support
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Reply From: Simon

Thank you very much for the detailed response.  I was going to mention "Meltingbar" looked similar - thanks for giving me the workaround.

Best regards,


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