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Initial Email Subject: Scroller Builder
Support Case Month: August 2013

Dear Patient and Helpful Menu Crew:

As I wrote, I did get the menus back in my website thanks to your help. Then I began thinking how I would like to upgrade the website using my newly-purchased PRO version of  the software. I started changing colors and layout, and of course, the menus.

I originally wanted to have pretty white letters coming out of the blue background between the sections for my menu. I was tempted to try the gallery of menus, however, tried one and then could not delete it. The menu I chose was “Bootstrap Gray”. 

Question 1: How do you delete a pre-fab menu once you apply it?

Question 1.5: If I select apply a pre-fab menu, should I be clicking that box that talks about deleting previous style settings?

I got the menu anchored to the Table, (after failing with TD and Span). The Anchoring put the menu on top of the top of the bottom section. It took me a full day thereafter to get it centered. I ended up using the height-“44” code that I found in your materials (which I read extensively). That centered the menu in the space vertically, but I don’t know why because my editor told me that the actual height of the space was 18 pixels. However, I actually got the menu anchored and CENTERED in the blue space between the sections, and considering this a major achievement of my life, and tried to refrain from trying further to move it or tinker.  However, the spacing of the items in the menu bothered me. I changed “distance between items” and Poof! the centering was gone. Since Poof? I have tinkered with the code and the sizing of the space, and options in AWM, to no avail. I have become a pro, however, with “previewing in browser” and hitting the F8 key.

Question 2: How do you space the distance between items on the pre-fab menu?  I know this must be to-able, because I changed the text size.

Question 3:  Can you give me code to center?

Question 4:  If Sue deletes the pre-fab menu, can she figure out how to configure and anchor the menu on her own?  We shall see.

I hate to be a serial support customer, but I spent all weekend on this before writing.) Smile

Reply From: Likno Customer Support

Hello Sue,

Answer 1:  When you apply a menu theme and you have saved the project like that, indeed you have lost the previous state of your menu.

                      However, if you go to the following path " C:\Users\{your account}\AppData\Roaming\Likno Software\AllWebMenus\AutoBackup" you will be able to find some auto back ups of your project, so  you will find the previous state. If you cannot find it, let me know so I can re-send you the project I had sent you before.

Answer 1.5: Yes, you need to click on "Yes" in order to proceed with applying the menu theme you have selected. If you click on No nothing will happen.

Answer 2:  You can change the distance between items like in the image below. Choose which menu items you want (Main Group Items, Sub Group Items, Sub Group+ Items) and then set the "Distance Between Items" in a numeric value of your desire.

distance between menu items

Answer 3: A code to center in general items in CSS is the property margin: 0 auto; applied to the element you want it to be centered.

                     In AllWebMenus if you need to center the menu according to a page element in your page click on "Menu Positioning" and then set the properties that best fits your needs.

menu positioning properties

Answer 4: There is no need to delete the pre-fab menu, you only need to choose the correct settings according to the above (menu positioning) in order to have your menu appear in the area you want it.

Let me know if you need any more information.

Thank you!

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