Here you can read about an interesting Use Case of a very powerful feature of Likno Web Tooltips Builder, that is actually utilized on our own website (as of May 2012).

If you visit any page of our website ( for example), you will notice that a Likno tooltip appears when placing the mouse over any image (icon) of the "See Also" section (at the top part of the page):


The interesting part here is that each image (icon) shows the same tooltip but with different content; this content is automatically retrieved from the image's "ALT" attribute.

This means that you can dynamically change the content of a tooltip by just using a different value on the "alt" attribute (in this case) OR any other custom attribute of yours.

This capability is explained in detail here: LWTT: "In Page" feature – How to open the *same tooltip with different content*, retrieved from the page’s HTML (on-the-fly)


If you view the source code of the likno page, you will see the following code for the 1st icon ("img") of that section:


After the code screenshot above, you see the interface screenshot of the related Likno Web Tooltips Builder project, which uses the following values:

1. The "In Page" option as the Source of the tooltip's content. This means that the content of each tooltip will be retrieved from the page, dynamically.

2. The "Retrieve the content from the "title" (or "alt") attribute of page elements" option. This means that our script parses the entire page and qualifies all elements that use a "title" or "alt" attribute as potential tooltip "triggers", with their "title" or "alt" attribute values being the content of the tooltip that they will trigger.

3. The "SOME of the page elements that use the above attribute" value at the Opens When ("Trigger") property. This means that we do NOT want ALL the images of the page that use the "alt" attribute (or any page element that uses the "title" attribute) to show a tooltip. Instead we want to restrict this behavior only to those elements that ALSO use the Class="acc_hd" value in their tags.

So, if you mouse over any other image on the same web page (that uses the "alt" attribute) you will see that this tooltip does not appear for them.

For example, no tooltip appears when mousing over the top-left image (the "liknosoftware" logo):



Because while it does have an "alt" attribute (first matching criterion) in its tag, it does NOT have the Class="acc_hd" value (second matching criterion):


You realize that you can use this feature with many combinations, which makes it rather powerful.

If you want to learn more about all possible options, please read the related topic here:

LWTT: "In Page" feature – How to open the *same tooltip with different content*, retrieved from the page’s HTML (on-the-fly)

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