Knowledge Base support case for Likno Drop Down Menu Trees, abstracted and stripped of all user’s private info.

Initial Email From:
Initial Email Subject: move app to new machine
Support Case Month: January 2013

I am retiring our 6 year old web development machine and moving to a new Windows 8 64 bit machine. I do not have record of the application activation code. Please tell me how to accomplish this transition with your applicaton Likno Drop-Down Menus.
Thank you in advance.

Reply From: Likno Customer Support

Hello Neil,

Just get  a new Activation Code, see how:

To get a new/updated Activation Code, manage your Account/Licenses (Upgrade/Extend), download the latest version, change your Profile (login/email address/name/password), etc. please login to your Likno User Area account.

Aris Filokostas
Likno Customer Support
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