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I need a menu system for a web project that uses JavaScript rather than CSS to trigger submenus. The reason is I am integrating this into a file that has a lot of other CSS in it and it is interfering with my CSS only menu system. JS seems to work OK for other things, so I was hoping to find a product that triggers submenus (makes them visible with mouseOver) via JS, not CSS.

Does your product work that way?

One other point: I may be interested in having you guys build the menu system for this project, could you have someone contact me to discuss. The menu system is in place and works OK with Firefox and Chrome, but does not work with IE. I think we could avoid this problem with a JavaScript system.



Reply From: Likno Customer Support

Dear John,

Indeed with AllWebMenus your menus will work in all the latest browsers and mobile devices, without interfering with the rest of your page.

Building your menu in AllWebMenus is really easy, especially if you just want to recreate your current menus which are pretty simple.

I suggest that you try recreating your menus yourself – you can even do this with a trial version of AllWebMenus. Still, if this is what you prefer, we can build the menus for you for an extra charge.

Likno Customer Support
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