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Initial Email From:
Initial Email Subject: AllWeMenus Update 898 -- Update Plan Error
Support Case Month: October 2012

I downloaded and installed the latest update (build #898) to AllWebMenus today. I executed the program, and was told that the program was not activated and my update plan expired August 23, 2012.  Two issues 
1) the previous release was activated – why was the activation dropped when I installed the new release?,  and
2) I verified that my update plan does not really expire until August 23, 2013 – so why does the new update think it expired in 2012?

I’m working on a new website the weekend and need to activate it as soon as possible. Please fix ASAP.



Reply From: Likno Customer Support

Hello Bob,

I see that you renewed your Update Plan on 28 June 2012, because your Update Plan was due to expire on August 23, 2012. This is why your *renewed* Update Plan now expired on August 23, 2013, instead of 2012.

But in order for this change to take effect into the AllWebMenus installation you should have also taken a new Activation Code from your Likno User Area account and enter it inside the application.

Did you get a new Activation Code *after* you renewed your Update? I believe not and this is why you are still seeing messages related to the old status of your installed license.

So, please just get a new Activation Code, enter it in AllWebMenus and everything will be OK and working.

Thank you.

Aris Filokostas
Likno Customer Support
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Reply From: Bob

Thanks, that worked. I’m still confused because normally I do not have to reactivate after an update – I only recall one time and then your update page said that I needed to reactivate. No problem, if I encounter that same situation again I’ll just reactivate.


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