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Initial Email Subject: Scroller and Tabs
Support Case Month: November 2012

Hello, I have a question about your Web Scroller and Web Tabs integration.

If you check out this page:

you can see I'm using tabs with a web scroller inside the first tab.
Now, I'll need to use a web scroller inside the other two tabs too, and I was wondering if there would be a way to use the same webscroller js file although the content is different.

I fear not, because I'd have to populate the scroller with 3 different ul-li sequences inside the page, but each of them should have the same id and I don't think it would work. Is there a way?

Anyway if it isn't possible, consider it a feature suggestion, it would be useful in cases such as this.


Best regards,

Reply From: Likno Customer Support

Dear Daniele,

Indeed it is not possible to achieve this if everything is within the same page.

One thing you can do, is to setup the tabs to use "external page" as the content. This means that you will need to have a separate HTML page for the content of each tab. Then you can have a single scroller project that is linked in each of the three pages, and each page will have a different UL/LI structure.

Best Regards,
Likno Customer Support
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Reply From: Daniele

Thanks, I'll try that out.

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