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Initial Email Subject: IE not displaying
Support Case Month: August 2012

Menu works using all browsers except Internet Explorer. I have tried using different styles of vertical menus with no success. I am lost.

Separate issue. If I use the Floating aspect, cell phone user can't keep it in their windows it is always just below where they can use it

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Regarding the IE issue, the problem is most likely that your Menu Linking Code is not right after the <body> tag as it should be, but instead it is within other page tags.

If you cannot move the Linking Code to directly under the <body> tag, then please check the following option in the AllWebMenus Project Properties to resolve the problem:

menu linking code within tags

Regarding the floating issue, when you choose for the menu to be floating it will always stay to the same position relative to the browser window.

You placed your menu far from the top and the screen height of most phones is too small, hence the menu is not visible to start with, and with the “floating” feature selected it will always stay there. The solution is to position the menu closer to the top, or even better to not use the floating feature. Consider that your menu may be taller than the screen height of some phones, so if it cannot be scrolled it will never be fully visible to the user.

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