Hello everybody,

Since September we have released new versions of our Likno Web Tabs Builder: Builds #124 up to Build #126.

Check out What's New:

- Added some minor improvements to the interface.

- Fixed an issue were headers with defined height and padding, appeared different in IE8 than Firefox.

- Added the "overflow:none" and "background-color" abilities in the BodyCSS for external pages (values passed into the generated iframe).

- Fixed a conflict that could occur when the user had mootools plugins in the page.

- Improved the resizing of interface elements when the Windows DPI settings are larger than 100%.

- Fixed an issue where background images in the CSS properties were not showing in certain cases.

- Made some minor changes in the activation form.

- Fixed an issue with images producing a scrollbar in non-IE browsers.

- Fixed an issue when selecting an image using the "In Gallery Folder" option.

- Fixed an issue where the images "Open" dialog was not closing properly when an image was selected from assets.

- Fixed an issue where images did not center when "text-align: center" was used in the "Body CSS".

You can download the latest version at:

- Added many interface enhancements for a better look & feel.

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