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Drop-Down Menu, JavaScript Menu, DHTML Menu. Drop Down Menu Trees by Likno Software!
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Likno Drop Down Menu Trees
Eye-catching drop-down menu trees - Structured information
Use of various styles - Customization of items with icons for each state
Menu Tree creation from a database and much more!

Save time

Rich UI - For All Browsers
Any Editor - Any CMS

Purchase additional Themes for Likno Drop-Down Menu Trees

Forget the overused, dull styles you've all seen before, now you can select from one of our many themes comprising of custom icons and styles to suit your individual requirements and dazzle your visitors!

Select the themes you like by checking the corresponding checkboxes to add them to your shopping cart. The more trees you add to your cart, the greater the discount you get. You can select packs of 20 themes to get an even greater discount!

You can access your purchased Themes through your Likno User Area.

 DHTML Tree 001

 DHTML Tree 002

 DHTML Tree 003

 DHTML Tree 004

 DHTML Tree 005

 DHTML Tree 006

 DHTML Tree 007

 DHTML Tree 008

 DHTML Tree 009

Pricing Options for Gallery Trees

 Trees   Price   Discount 
1-2 $15 each 0
3-10 $12 each 20%
11+ $10 each 33%
 Trees   Total Price   Price   Discount 
Packs of 20 $100 $5 each 66% !
All (100) $300 $3 each 80% !
(Click here to select Packs)

Theme contents

Each theme consists of the following:

  • A complete set of custom icons in PNG or GIF format and a background image (if required by the theme)
  • An XML file defining the custom styles used in the theme (tree background & normal, mouse over and selected states for the nodes)
  • An example HTML and Javascript file

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Awarded as top software by several reviewers

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