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The problem

It is a known bug for certain browsers (IE, NS4.x, Opera) that they always show specific form elements above layers.

The solution

Use AllWebmenus v4.1.622 or above on your projects.

Prior to AllWebMenus version 4.1 you had to add special functions at the <Javascript Command> of your submenu groups in order for these submenus to appear above form elements. The functions used for that purpose were the awmhidediv(); and awmshowdiv(); ones.

Since version 4.1 AllWebMenus contains special code that automatically solves the problem of Form objects appearing above submenus without the need for you to add these extra functions on your submenus. Therefore, all you have to do is re-compile your menus with AllWebMenus v4.1 (or above) and form objects will not bother your menus again! The awmhidediv(); and awmshowdiv(); functions are now deprecated, but they are still functional for backwards compatibility reasons. You may remove them from your menus if you wish.

If your AllWebMenus version is earlier than v4.1.622 please download the latest AllWebMenus version.