Style+ Menu (Menu with different Style for 3rd level and beyond)

One of the new features of AllWebMenus, is the "Sub Group Style+" and "Sub Item Style+". Both of them are initially assigned to ALL subgroups of the 3rd level and beyond.

Up until now, you could have a different look for the Main Menu Group (and their items) and another one for all Submenu Groups. In case the menu design required different treatment for submenus of the 3rd level, you had to make "custom" changes in all submenu groups.

Style Editor has an added option for "Sub Group Style+" and "Sub Item Style+". By using it you can avoid all the trouble and create a new style for all groups of the 3rd level and beyond.

In this example you can see this feature in action. As you will notice the Main Menu is dark, the 2nd level is brighter and the 3rd even brighter!

Design problems like a slight change in submenu positioning, needed for the 3rd level or a special background for 3rd level items, can be solved in just a few seconds!

Read a blog post (with examples) on the Style+ capabilities.

Download this AllWebMenus project file.