SEO CSS Menu Example

You can specify your menu structure (menu items) either inside AllWebMenus (gets compiled to the javascript file) or inside your pages using HTML <UL><LI> tags (on-the-fly). This example uses the 2nd option (right-click this "frame" and select "view frame source" to see the <UL><LI> tags).

When the 2nd option is used, the search engines can crawl your menu structure on any page where your menu is shown. Another characteristic is that you can use a different menu structure on different pages. Since the menu is built "on-the-fly", based on <UL><LI> tags inside your pages' HTML code, you can have different tags (menu items) on different pages.

The links below show pages with a slightly different <UL><LI> structure:

Page 1      Page 2      Page 3

Page 1: Original SEO CSS menu
Page 2: The "Customers" item is now placed after the "Products" item.
Page 3: The "Download" item has a submenu now.

Download this AllWebMenus project file.