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How to use AllWebMenus with Microsoft® FrontPage

The AllWebMenus javascript menu builder has unique features for advanced integration with FrontPage*.

You can take advantage of not one, but two different methods of integration between your FrontPage and AllWebMenus.

Integration Method 1: The AllWebMenus "Import FrontPage Navigation" feature

FrontPage users usually create Navigation Structures inside their Webs, so that navigation buttons appear throughout their published web sites. However, this kind of navigation is not as powerful as a menu-based navigation.

You can now easily replace your navigation buttons with neat menus using the "Tools Import FrontPage Navigation" feature of AllWebMenus.

This is how it works:

Go to "Navigation View" in FrontPage (View Navigation):

This is how the Navigation Structure of your FrontPage Web may look like:

The Import FrontPage Navigation Structure tool lets you import this navigation structure into AllWebMenus and create a menu structure out of it, like the one we are using in our web site!

In order to do so, you only need to select the folder where your FrontPage Web is located...

...and your FP Navigation Structure is imported into AllWebMenus:

Now, you have to compile the menu and link it to your web pages.
Click here for detailed instructions on this process.

If you want your menus to show in all your frontpage pages without linking to each one separately, you may use the "Support Shared Borders in FrontPage" option of AllWebMenus:

(press F1 when you are there and you will find detailed documentaion on this feature in the Help file)

Integration Method 2: The AllWebMenus FrontPage Add-In

AllWebMenus provides an easy solution for truly cross-browser navigation menus for your FrontPage Webs.

For your convenience, the special FrontPage Add-In is included inside the AllWebMenus distribution; no separate download is required.

This method requires that you installed the FrontPage Add-In during the AllWebMenus installation process. If you did not install the Add-In, please re-install AllWebMenus and make sure that you check the related FrontPage checkbox when asked to install additional components.

Just read below to see how easy it is to create stylish menus using the AllWebMenus FP Add-In.

Open your Web:

Select Navigation View…

…and setup your Navigation Structure:

(example of a Navigation Structure)

The red notes show how AllWebMenus interprets the Navigation Structure in order to create your Web’s navigation menu.

When you installed the AllWebMenus FrontPage Add-In, a new menu item was added on the FP menubar:

Click “AllWebMenus” and then click “Setup Navigation Menu”:

This action opens AllWebMenus.

AllWebMenus immediately imports the Navigation Structure from FrontPage!

(Note that the Menu Structure cannot be edited from inside AllWebMenus. The Menu Structure is always updated by the FP Navigation Structure every time you use the FP Add-in, therefore the correct place to edit your menu structure is the FP Navigation Structure itself)

You may select from a variety of ready-made themes for your navigation menu through the AllWebMenus Theme Gallery!

Now you only need to “Compile your Menu”, so that all the necessary menu files are created inside your Web Folder.

Click “Compile Menu”…

…and the menu is immediately compiled inside your Web Folder.

You can now switch to FrontPage. In FrontPage you only have to specify which pages you want the menus to appear on.

This is quite simple, as it is achieved through the FrontPage Shared Borders functionality:

Check the “Bottom” Shared Border for all your pages that you wish to show the menu.

Et voila! Your menu appears in all pages that use a Bottom Shared Border!

Note: In contrast to Integration Method 1, there is no "Support Shared Borders in FrontPage" option in the Project Properties, as this option is automatically enforced through the Add-In.

*Support for FrontPage integration under Vista environment is limited due to Microsoft's shift from FrontPage to Expression Web.

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