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Photo Frame Show
Frame your digital photos with ease - Broad array of categories/subcategories
Create multi-frame compilations (collages) - Add text, graphics, background, etc.
User-friendly interface - Advanced technology - High level user experience.

Save time

Rich UI - For All Browsers
Any Editor - Any CMS

Photo Frame Show is a software created by Likno Software for adding stylish frames to your digital photos and much more.

This software is promoted through a dedicated website, accessed by the link below.

For more information visit our dedicated Photo Frame Show website at www.frameshow.com

- Save your framed photos in popular formats for personal use or for your projects.

- Blend your favorite framed photos with your desktop just by dragging and dropping them at your desired location on screen.

- Print your framed photos easily through a "virtual" printer that appears on screen.

- E-mail your framed photos to your friends directly from within the program or use the online E-Cards service instead (integrated with Flickr and more!).

- The Online Frame Gallery includes frames of different categories, such as Classical, Shapes, Emotions, Occasions, Seasons, Sports, Locations, Music, Family and more!

- Use our Facebook E-Cards application to communicate with your facebook friends through framed photo messages.

- You can even use your framed pictures to enhance your mobiles, add them to your t-shirts, cups and any other item you can think of - there is just no limits as to what you can do!

For more information visit our dedicated Photo Frame Show website at www.frameshow.com

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