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Likno Web Builders Collection
8 desktop applications for creating any type of website UI: menus (CSS or JavaScript, drop-down or sliding), buttons, modal windows, sliders, scrollers, tabs, accordions, tooltips, trees, slideshows and more!

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Rich UI - For All Browsers
Any Editor - Any CMS

Types of Custom Projects

Likno Software is a leading software development company based in Athens, Greece. Our team of experienced professionals has accumulated valuable knowledge on the following fields:

  • Windows/Web Development
  • Web Design and Artwork
  • Web Marketing

We are willing to apply this knowledge to projects that require professional and high-quality management and help you accomplish your projects with the best possible results. Please contact us at sales@likno.com with a description of your project.

NEW! AllWebMenus service

Recover the "Menu Structure" of lost AllWebMenus project files (.awm) from their related javascript menu files (.js).
For more info: https://www.likno.com/blog/lost-allwebmenus-project/254/

Windows/Web Development

End-user applications development

Our company has wide experience in planning, designing, developing, implementing and supporting end-user applications (from small utilities to large complex systems) based on different technologies.

Members of our experienced team are professionals who are really dedicated to their work, so we always deliver the top quality products to our clients.

Minimum budget of proposed project: $4000

Web Design and Artwork

We provide professional services for developing web sites. In designing a web-site, our objectives are to design original, creative and user friendly web-sites. We have a large number of templates to choose from, or we can help you create your very own unique style. Professional, corporate or personal web-sites, we treat each client with the same amount of respect and dedication.

Minimum budget of proposed project: $2000

Web Marketing

We offer a series of Web Marketing Services, and base our good standing on this area on the various years of experience we have gathered and applied to different projects, including our own (visit our products home page).

Some of the Web Marketing Services we offer are:

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Pay-Per-Click Campaign Management (Adwords, Overture, MSN and others)
  • Submission to Search Engines, Directories and Download Sites
  • Submission of Press Releases

...and other services that will contribute to the promotion of your webiste and guarantee high-quality, high-value targeted web site traffic.

Minimum budget of proposed project: $2000

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