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AllWebMenus NetObjects Fusion integration component

NetObjects Fusion component Download Page

AllWebMenus introduces a new NetObjects Fusion component that aims to make the integration of the two software entirely seamless. NetObjects Fusion users can use this component to add the extremely versatile DHTML/JavaScript menus produced by AllWebMenus in their web pages within a few minutes! And needless to say you do not need to write a single line of code for this!

This special component allows you to define a designated area in your page where the menu will be placed, import the AllWebMenus menu on your page, and of course arrange for the publishing of all the necessary menu files that are produced. Naturally the produced menus are fully cross-browser and offer all the unique features and effects that are available with AllWebMenus:

  • Infinite levels for items and submenus
  • Multiple menus of various types on your pages
  • Support of Images and/or Text for the items and submenus
  • Ability to customize individual items at will
  • Many ready-made themes to choose from (and customize)
  • Transparent menus
  • JavaScript commands for each menu item state for advanced menu effects
  • Super optimized and browser-specific javascript code
  • Cross-frame menus...
  • ...and many more!

NetObjects Fusion component Download Page

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