• SlideShow Add-in for the Likno Web Modal Windows Builder: Create cross-browser, feature-rich, jQuery SlideShow solutions for your web sites!
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Likno Web Modal Windows Builder
User Interface for Javascript modal windows with various styles & options
Display internal HTML content, content you add easily through the interface (embedded)
External/internal (AJAX) pages, Images (gallery style) and more.

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Rich UI - For All Browsers
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Good news! Unlike other applications, you can now use a single program to cover two different needs: creating modal windows and slideshows!

You can even combine both functionalities within a single project! (see example 4 below)

Through the extra properties enabled by the SlideShow Add-in (included for free within the Likno Web Modal Windows Builder application), you can turn your modal windows into powerful, cross-browser jQuery slideshows.

SlideShow Examples

Example 1     Example 2     Example 3
Example 4: Blend both Content (HTML) and Image slides in one cool presentation!

SlideShow Add-in Features

"Play Sheets" section:

Your SlideShow can start automatically on page load (or not).

When the user puts the mouse on the Body area of the modal window (not on the header or footer area), then the SlideShow can pause (or not).

By increasing the "Delay" you can make your sheets (slides) show longer before the next sheet appears.

Through the "Direction" property, you can make your sheets show in "random" order or even in "reverse" order (going backwards).

"Other" section:

The "Starting Sheet" can be different than the first one.

Through the "Loop" property you can specify whether the SlideShow will start over when reaching the final sheet (vice versa if "Direction" is "Reverse") or not.

Soon to be released features:

(if you own a license of Likno Web Modal Windows Builder, you will also get these features for free)

When hovering over the image, the navigation buttons ("previous", "next", etc.) can appear "floating" at its sides, above the image. With this option, you can eliminate the "Navigation Bar" if you want a very slim interface.

You can utilize a "Thumbnail Bar" to show all the SlideShow images in thumbnails. These thumbnails can be clicked, scrolled, etc.

Screenshot (where to find the slideshow-related properties):

slideshow effects

The produced Slide Shows are fully cross-browser, i.e. they work alike in all browsers supporting HTML (like Firefox, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Opera, Mozilla, Konqueror, Safari and more).

(note: this add-in is included for free within the Likno Web Modal Windows Builder application)

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