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To give your buttons an impressive and eye-catching style, one of the elements you can add are light effects.

Button example without defined lighting

Button example with defined lighting

You can use up to 4 lights on each light type - Diffuse or Spot Light(s) - to customize the look of your button. Click on the light check boxes in order to activate the light(s) you want to use and choose the color you want them to have.

The color of the light in combination with the color reflected by the material specifies the resulting color of the button in the area affected by the light.

You can also define the light intensity of each light which will add the relevant effect to your button.

Finally, you can customize the effect of the combination of lights by moving accordingly the "light icon" corresponding to the light(s) you are using.

All the changes and light customization can be saved as Light Presets, in order to be used in another project.

Likno Web Button Maker v2.0 Released!

A new version of our popular web button maker has been released!

In this new version we have included a major new feature, the Button Factory, which will allow you to quickly generate mind-blowing buttons. We have also included bug fixes related to the previous version. Simply, download now or check out what's new in this version!

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Button Packs

We offer you various sets of Button Packs that you can purchase and use for the creation of your web buttons.

Button Packs are sets made up of completely new shapes and presets, textures, plus a series of ready-to-use web buttons which offers you a complete solution for your web button creation needs!

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