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Likno Web Accordion Builder
User Interface for creating any type of jQuery accordion: vertical accordion, horizontal accordion, jquery accordion, jquery slider, accordion menu, collapsible panel, ajax accordion, javascript accordion, CSS accordion, accordion panel, etc.

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Joomla Accordion/Likno Web Accordion Builder features

The Likno Web Accordion Builder Joomla add-in & component combination is designend to add linking code of your accordions, let's you place an accordion inside an article/page and provide you an edittor button for easy article/page placement!

The solution consists of a combination of 2 parts:

Our Likno Web Accordion Builder...(1/2)

Likno Web Accordion Builder

This already exists inside your Likno Web Accordion Builder installation (v2.0.200 or above only - no need to download and install separately), and can be accessed through the following menu:

joomla accordion addin wordpress tabs addin

& ...our special Joomla Component (2/2)

This is the component that you need to install on your Joomla website.

The component adds 2 plugins that must be enabled.

These plugins are Likno Web Accordion: Linker Plugin, and Likno Web Accordion: Accordion Button Plugin

The first adds the necessary linking code to your page, and scans your article/page to find an accordion while the seccond provides you an editor button to make inserting accordions inside a page/article easy.

The Joomla component supports 2 positioning options:

  • The first is the normal Joomla module management. Upload the Accordion module produced by Likno Web Accordion Builder desktop application, go to module manager select it and select the module position that you want it to appear (don't forget to enable it).
  • The second allows you to insert the accordion inside a page/article you want. The Accordion Plugin Button makes the whole process easy. Just Click it select the accordion you want, click insert and you are ready.

Note 1: You should disable a Likno Web Accordion module when you place it inside a page/article, or disable it for that page/article.

Note 2: You should keep in mind that actual accordion positioning is handled by the Likno Web Accordion Builder application. For example if you create a '"Floating" over page'" accordion, which is set as "Relative to Window", no matter which "block position" you choose from the module options the accordion will always appear relative to window.

Click below on the Joomla version of your desire, to Download the Joomla Component and see instructions on how to use it.
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