• Likno Web Tooltips Builder for jQuery tooltips: Example Packs (designs) of html tooltips for your web sites!
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Likno Web Tooltips Builder
User Interface for creating any type of jQuery tooltip: html tooltip, ajax tooltip,
balloon tooltip, javascript tooltip, css tooltip, dhtml tooltip, bubble tooltip, etc.
Replace the default browser tooltip with stylish tooltips and rich content!

Save time

Rich UI - For All Browsers
Any Editor - Any CMS

Apart from the default examples included in the distribution, users of the "Unlimited Domains" license can also download the following additional examples (designs).

Example Packs 01 to 07

10 per pack, 70 total designs

Watch a quick preview of the Example Packs

How to Download these extra Pack

  • Enter your Likno User Area account
  • Go to the "Likno Web Tooltips Builder" section
  • Make sure that you have the "Unlimited Domains" license and that your "Update Plan" is not expired (if not, use the "Upgrade" link to pay just the price difference)
  • Click the "Example Packs: View/Download" link and download
  • Install the downloaded package and you are done!

AllWebMenus Add-in

Combine tooltips with any kind of drop-down menu, sliding menu, javascript menu or dhtml menu, created with AllWebMenus:

Add fancy tooltips to menu items of your choice and replace the standard browser's tooltip on them!

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