• Likno Web Tooltips Builder for jQuery tooltips: Screenshots of the application and html tooltips it creates
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Likno Web Tooltips Builder
User Interface for creating any type of jQuery tooltip: html tooltip, ajax tooltip,
balloon tooltip, javascript tooltip, css tooltip, dhtml tooltip, bubble tooltip, etc.
Replace the default browser tooltip with stylish tooltips and rich content!

Save time

Rich UI - For All Browsers
Any Editor - Any CMS

Click on the image below to view screenshots of the application's interface:
(a likno "multi-sheet" modal window is used to show the screenshots)

Also view screenshots of some of the ready-made tooltip styles you can use on your websites:

jQuery Tooltip 01
Javascript Tooltip 15
Balloon Tooltip 08
Bubble Tooltip 05
AJAX Tooltip 09
DHTML Tooltip 03
HTML Tooltip 04
HTML Tooltip 16
youtube video in html tooltip

Note: the above are just screenshots; the links are part of those screenshots.
Visit the examples page to interact with actual links and javascript tooltips.

AllWebMenus Add-in

Combine tooltips with any kind of drop-down menu, sliding menu, javascript menu or dhtml menu, created with AllWebMenus:

Add fancy tooltips to menu items of your choice and replace the standard browser's tooltip on them!

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