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Powerful menu positioning options - Unicode support - HTML edit capabilities
Multiple rows/columns - Addins/Plugins - Extensions - SEO Friendly - Sitemap support


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Here you can view some awards that our application has received from major web sites.

Major Awards

5-star Top Rating at

"AllWebMenus Pro lets you design attractive menus and maps for your sites with minimal effort. The host of parameters for customizing keeps you from repeating yourself. The interface is clear and helpful. The program generates on the fly the navigable preview of the menu you are designing. It lets you quickly try several variants and choose the best. The menu items are organized into a tree. You can edit a parameter for several items at once and change styles from one submenu to another. The program has an extensive manual that explains every parameter. You can choose from more than 100 preset design styles and save your own to use later. Finally, the program links the menu into your Web pages. AllWebMenus Pro is a real godsend to Webmasters."

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Best popup menu tool for web site navigation!


A 5-cows, "...totally customizable...truly fun to work with" application, according to Tucows!


A 5/5 Pick Award at
"The addition of AllWebMenus Pro to my ever-growing arsenal of Web Design Utilities has made all of my previous DHTML menu and Javascript Menu wizards, makers, or whatever they label themselves, obsolete.  If you are a developer who insists on hand coding, you might want to think again.  This powerful and robust little program has saved me countless hours of development time and the frustration of making my menus display properly in multiple web browsers..."

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Web Hosting Search - Web Tools


A "Best Web Tool" Award at
"Your site has been recommended and elected as one of the best web tool for website addons and development company by".
WebHostingSearch is consistently delivering the best webhosting reviews and recommendations about the best hosting companies in the web market.

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A 5 RedBall Award!
"I've seen some fairly complicated menus that surely took a team of programmers many days to create. AllWebMenus makes all that a thing of the past. You can make some stunning menus with ease."

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5 Stars from

5-star rated at

"AllWebMenus is a very powerful tool that comes with superb help and "How to.." topics, which make the usage of it simple and easy. Using this tool will save a lot of your time to create professionally looking menus that are easily integrated in any website using basically any web authoring tool"

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A 5-star application at

Windows Vista Downloads
A 5-star application at
A Window 7 compatible software - ForteDownloads


Likno Software - AllWebMenus has been reviewed and chosen to bear the 2003-2004 Golden Web Award."

A Golden Web Award from the International Association of Webmasters & Designers.


Excellent review for best drop-down menus building!


"An excellent program that could prove invaluable..." according to Web Developer's Virtual Library
Excellent review for best drop-down menus building! editors have called the program "the best among the like" and "the most promising in its class". Read review

5 stars for best dhtml menus!


A 5-star, "Gold Editor's Pick" at

"We've found the Best DHTML authoring tool for all your navigation needs", says!

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A 5-star application at


Paul's Picks Shareware Winner


A 5-star application at Paul's Picks

AllWebMenus Pro on Core Download


A 5-star application at
A 5-star application at

A 5-star application at

A 5-star application at
New Free Downloads 5 Star Awarded
A 5-star application at
A 5-star application at
A 5-star application at
A 5-star application at
A 5-star application at
A 5-star application at
A 5-star application at
5 of 5 at Free Downloads Archive
A 5-star application at
5 of 5 at Free Downloads Archive
A 5-star application at
5 of 5 at Free Downloads Archive
A 5-star application at
A 5-star application at
A 5-star application at
A 5-star application at
A 5-star application at
A 5-star application at
A 5-star application at
Free Software Download :: FileREX
A 5-star application at
A 5-star application at
Rated 5 stars on SoftwareLode - free software downloads
A 5-star application at
Best Software 4 Download
5 Stars Awarded on Best Software 4 Download
A 5-star application at
A 5-star application at



Here you can read some true comments from our customers.
Such comments make us even more proud and willing to serve you!


"For over 5 years, the Likno products have been ones of our most trusted web development tools. With excellent support and regular updates."
Big Pig Design testimonial for Likno Software David Shipston
Big Pig Design
"First thing to say! Likno products are innovative, professional and easy to use. The interface is clear and within the product you get a lot of possibilities, you can put all your creativity in it. I use likno products like AllWebMenus Pro, Sliders and Tooltip for several years now, with a lot of pleasure. On top of this all: Likno has a GREAT service and a GREAT support!"
Aart Hartog testimonial for Likno Software Aart Hartog
"Thank you so much for your patient support over this problem. You have given me the solution and I am a happy smiling man once again.
Great product, backed by great support!"
Geoffrey Shannon
"AllWebMenus has every option you'll likely ever need, with a very intuitive interface. I would recommend this software for the novice or the professional."
Darrell Rea
Computer Services
Siemens Transportation Group
Very versatile products and fantastic support staff. Likno go the extra mile to give you the right solutions. Highly recommended.
Alec Steventon Professional Imaging testimonial for Likno Software Alec Steventon
Alec Steventon Professional Imaging
"I have been using allwebmenus for a while now and I just want to tell you that it is a fantastic product!

Not only is it simple to use and easy to implement but your help and support is great too. Rarely do I need to wait more than 24 hours for a reply to my help request.

You also seem quite pro active in enhancing an already great product."
Don Rottman
"As a television and multimedia production company involved with many of the top studios and networks, the navigation function on our website enabling visitors and clients to view our work frequently changes. AllWebMenus Pro and the entire Likno product line has been the answer to our needs since 2005 with their stunning design, ease of use, product enhancements, and customer support."
Drew Cummings
President & CEO
Cummings Entertainment Group
I have used Likno AllWebMenusPro for many years now. I am a professional web developer and it produces outstanding menus that impress the client and are quite useable. The software is easy to use, even for a beginner. Support is awesome. I email them with a question or problem and get rapid responses, often with screenshots as to how to adjust the settings. I deal with support all the time in my line of work. This is some of the best in the business! I highly recommend the software and company.
Web2Impress testimonial for Likno Software Anna Sue
It is exactly one year ago that I have purchased AllWebMenus and it has been such a help in my work that I would like to thank you for such a great product! Previously I have been battling with other products, but none of them have been so powerful, flexible and easy to handle like AllWebMenus. When I started using the product my web page had only about 50 – 100 visitors per day now I´m getting in the range of 600 – 800 per day and it performs to my full satisfaction.
Tim Kirsten
"I have to say that of the very many software tool companies I do business with each year and as a software developer myself; I have found that Likno, your firm, has the highest standards, for not only support but for the quality of your product.
As your mainline product AllWebMenu Pro lives everyday in a constantly changing internet environment, this is no small feat.
You and your colleagues should be proud of your work."
Roman Victor, Software Developer
RVPM Designs
6 Bedford Court
Amherst, MA 01002
"Hi Team. I would like to say how happy I am with your products. I have now installed some of them on the above (www.****.com) website and I am getting good feedback from our visitors. Please have a look.

I do not profess to being a professional at web construction, however, your products made it very easy for me to get the result I wanted. Well done!"
Brian Etherington
"You guys are amazing. I have used AllWebMenus for a hell of a long time and you guys efforts to stay on top of all the new browsers and all of the new editors and technologies is timely and very much appreciated. Thanks."
Ken Holmes
Conyers GA, USA
"I was so impressed with the trial version, i just HAD to go ahead and purchase the pro version.

Many of the features & adjustments simply don't exist with many other web packages I've tried.
Everything i think about changing already exists in the configuration areas.
Allwebmenus handles everything i throw at it, and more.

I'm very impressed with the abundance of settings for just about every alteration you could imagine.

I also use a lot of repetitive structures in my menus, so the built in copy/paste layouts & settings between submenus makes things VERY quick & easy, and the flexibility to move submenus between parent-child positioning is fantastic!

What used to take several days of trial-development now only takes 1-2 hours with Allwebmenus.

Additionally, not only is this a fantastic application, but the support staff are VERY quick with responses and ready to listen to my suggestions for additional features and/or bug fixes.

I have to say a big THANK-YOU to the Likno Team for making this program so powerful and easy to use.

Best Regards to the Likno Team,
Marty Winchester, Australia"
Marty Winchester
Very pleased. I've got my new drop down menu uploaded to our company's web site. Your help files are useful and well done. I had to play around a bit until I got it working, but the layout of the menu builder is easy to understand quickly and to see how changes affect the menu.

Mark me as a satisfied customer.
Pete Olski
"AllWebMenus Pro is simply the best menu maker I have ever used.
It's quick and easy to use and understand.
Your menu(s) are up and running in a matter of minutes."
P. Brouillette
Windsor, Ontario Canada
"AllWebMenus is now my first choice in creating a variety of functional and
attractive menus. This program is a real time saver! Efficient, easy to
use - amazing! Worth every penny! Definitely a 'must have' program"
Dale Campbell
done by dale Web Design,
"Perfectly simple to use and simply perfect to view. I am glad I invested a few $$$ in this product."
Anthony McCarthy,
"I just wanted to thank you for a great program. Rarely are we impressed
with this kind of software, but we have had even our entry level designer
creating some truly spectacular menus in just one day.
Keep up the great work!"
Tom Walker
Vice President, Web Teks Inc.
"Thanks! Did you see our menu? We REALLY appreciate the program, it has helped tremendously and cut our development time in half!"
Jennifer Moss
CEO, Moss Mallory Interactive LLC
"Hey guys, this is a great tool. I just received my registration number and am having a blast!"
David Ferguson
Human Resources Webmaster
Westinghouse, Savannah River Site
"Thanks to your software, the menu looks absolutely incredible, which I must admit saved me days worth of work. I look forward to likno's future upgrades and will gladly recommend this time saving tool to friends, colleagues and family members that may be in need for such a feature. Thank you for your help."
Evan Moore
"Just purchased your product today. Very happy with it, you have done a great job in making a rather fiddly and complex task very simple. I reckon a monkey could make a professional looking nav menu with this!"
Marc Robson
Atkins China ltd
"I've been creating menus all night, and I have to say it's a little gem of a program. As I have been trying to make my web pages as easy and quick to get to where surfers need to go, you program makes this a breeze now."
Pat Johnston
"Just downloaded your AllWebMenus, had a web page sample up and running in 1 hour. Great!"
Larry Noack
Phoenix, AZ
"I don't normally write letters but you deserve mega-kudos for this gem! Thanks a million! I especially like the "buttons" menu and I'm sure that my client will too."
Liane Blanco
BK2K Web Design,
"I am so impressed with Likno's AllWebMenus Version 1.2. The time it saves me to create DHTML menus is fantastic. As an ASP programmer I concentrate on complex database integration applications for the web. I find that the navigation and effects the program gives my web pages is worth every cent. REALLY easy to use !! Of course there are some recommendations I will make for future roll outs but it is a tool worth supporting."
David Barnes
Manager, Web Strategy and Development
"I must say version 1.2 is FANTASTIC! Now using it extensively in the site, thanks for a terrific program."
Roger Graham
"Thank you. My clients are very pleased with their menus, and I am pleased with how easily I can create them with your software."
Richardson Mark
"Great work by the your tool. Took me about 5 minutes to figure out how to use the tool. This would include the install time."
Morgan Noonan
"Thanks for a really fast response ! Who's better than you. I looked at that and still have a question but have an appointment right now so will e-mail you in about an hour. Again thanks for your quick response.

Bill Stahl
"Great work by the your tool. Took me about 5 minutes to figure out how to use the tool. This would include the install time."
Morgan Noonan
"Dear Gentlemen,
First, I would like to say that AllWebMenus is simply a beautifully designed
program and a real pleasure to use. During the last 5 years, I have gained
extensive experience developing and deploying commerce-based Web sites. I
have learned that the most important facet in web development is designing a
navigation system that is simple for users and consistent throughout the
entire site. With AllWebMenus I can actually design a site containing well
over one thousand pages and the user can find any page in the site, at any
point in the site, with just one click of the mouse. Now that is what I
call impressive! In fact, I no longer need to design a site map because
AllWebMenus also servers as a wonderful site map. Another noteworthy
feature is how easy it is to quickly update the menu system on a very large
scale. Anyone designing a large site surly must have used SSI (single side
includes) so that only one change is required in a SSI file to reflect
across the entire site. Now I no longer need SSI files because AllWebMenus
takes care of that too. I could actually write a book on all the features
AllWebMenus has to offer in just describing the hundreds upon hundreds of
possible style combinations. I have recommended AllWebMenus to a very good
friend of mine who has also bought your product and I will continue to
recommend it to others."
Rick Knight
Technical Support, Microteck Web Publishing
Santa Rosa, California, USA
"We are web developers and simply love your products. You do a superb job of updating them on a regular basis and they always work!"
XclaimDesign testimonial for Likno Software Tatijana Untulis
"Have purchased other Likno Products! Great products! Great productivity tools! Great support staff!"
Diane St. Martin,
CDT MicroGraphics, Inc
Likno not only makes a terrific product that continuously addresses all the needs and changing needs for business communications, platforms, search engine results, etc .. BUT they have the most outstanding SERVICE that I have ever experienced while working online for over 12 years. Timely, patient, one-on-one, and "personal." I still am not sure if I just keep getting the same single person or if there are multiple people ... it is that personalized. They also "read" and give great "easy to understand instruction" for the most untechnical of users! Thank you Likno!!
Communicating - Today's Way testimonial for Likno Software
Margie Hanson,
Communicating - Today's Way
First thing to say! Likno products are innovative, professional and easy to use. The interface is clear and within the product you get a lot of possibilities, you can put all your creativity in it. I use likno products like AllWebMenusu Pro, sliders and tooltips for several years now, with a lot of pleasure. On top of this all: Likno has a GREAT service and a GREAT support!
Aart Hartog,
"I've just now found the time to try this, but it worked PERFECTLY. You've got a great program and great tech support. Thanks!"
Carl W. Hart
"I have been using your software for several months now and I have to say
that it has been a long time since I last had a program I looked forward
to using or that helped stretch the imagination. Congratulations to your
programmers for a job very well done"
The Kellys testimonial for Likno Software John Kelly
"Thank you for the detailed explanation. I ended up purchasing the product yesterday and the results are perfect.

I've tried at least 7 applications, including *** and ***, and this one by far allows the most customization and versatility allowing me to develop the most important part of the web, with ease.

Thank you"
Stanley Kaytovich
"Best menu creator tool out there! But best of all is their support! Friendly, knowledgeable, super to work with, and always keeping up with new technology. I wouldn't go anyplace else!"
Triple C Design testimonial for Likno Software Pat Callahan
Triple C Design
"I'm a web designer, specializing in Joomla sites. I'd much rather spend my time focusing on the site, rather than spending hours constructing menus and making sure they work in all browsers. Your component allows me to do that easily.

FYI, I had been using another Joomla menu component, swm****** for all my sites, but it had a lot of cross-browser issues and other problems. I love the customization possibilities with yours and hope you continue supporting Joomla!"
Vicki Watson
"Thank you so much. I've been using AWM on this site since 2005, and I had completely forgotten the scripting I used way back then.

You have been wonderfully helpful. After removing the scripting, I updated the rest of the browser-specific settings, and the test page now looks good in all browsers.

Thank you!
I've always been very happy with AWM as a tool for building any menus I need. And your service is wonderful. Feel free to quote me as a testimonial.

Virginia Lawrence, Ph.D.
CogniText Web Development and Marketing
I'm 72, and find AllWebMenus exceeded my expectations for versatility and functionality. Possibly the best support team for a great product. Highly recommended for young and old website owners.
Hosted Affiliates testimonial for Likno Software Pete Soan
Hosted Affiliates
"Just purchased the program last night. Love it so far. Great help screens."
Bob Standish
"I have to say I am very pleased with this product and your support.
Creating menus used to be really time consuming. Doable but hard work especially as user becomes ever more demanding. Now menus are quick, simple and because they are so quick and simple, fun to create! Thank you and keep up the great work."
" Your product AllWebMenus is clearly the best program of its type that I have ever viewed or purchased. Excellent in every way. And fairly easy to use. I used the ver 4.2 for several years and think it is excellent. The ver 5.1 has a lot of new features but these were hardly needed [by me] for such a great product "
Tom Roginski
"I don't normally write in to a software outfit with good things to say, but I have to thank you for the capabilities and ease of use you've built into AllWebMenus Pro.
It's made my web design and menu-building so much quicker and easier. Trying to build and position menus with CSS only or even with CSS and hand-coded Javascript is way too time-consuming, not to mention unpredictable....Ok, that's enough. It goes against the grain to gush over somebody's product, no matter what it is."
Randy Edens
Awesome! If the whole world provided support like you folks do it would be so much a better Internet experience!
LongviewNET testimonial for Likno Software Jim Null
LongviewNET, LLC
"Splendid program! All I need. It's possible to make professional menus [in] just [a] few minutes. Thank you guys!
Valentin Voev
"Just wanted to update you on the situation. The new build fixed the problem completely! Thank you so much for taking the time to answer my questions unlike other companies i've dealt with. Your product is absolutely amazing! It's a big help for me when I'm in a crunch and don't have to time to write a custom script to do what you have implemented into the menu builder. Thanks again!"
Josh Jones
"Your software is great.  I will promote it to others.  I will also be purchasing more of your products in the near future.  I love the ease of use."
Vann Stockwell
"I want to thank you for such a comprehensive answer to my question.  I have to say that I am extremely impressed with the technical service I have received from Likno ever since I have purchased version 3.  It is a shame all internet companies are not like you with you support and also the quality of product, I cannot speak too highly of it as it makes my life so much easier.

Once again my thanks to you, all my problems have disappeared!!!"
Glenn Brown
"Just admire your readiness to facilitate my needs. Once I explored the software and before this email, I decided to take a chance on it. I can say thankfully that I did. It has surpassed my needs and I find it well worth the $35.00 [AllWebMenus LITE], even though I am not a commercial developer and it is only a small web site.

Thanks again, and I look forward to working with people like you who put the customer ahead of greed."
William & Rebecca Thames
"Just have to say I’ve purchased *many* software applications over the years and you guys are absolutely amazing.  I love your AllWebMenus PRO menu software and have to say for all the applications I use, it is one of the best written and thought-out apps around.  Period!

I have to put it in the same category as Adobe Photoshop another amazing application.  I could not have created or asked for a better menu program.

Congratulations on a job well done... You have my business for sure."
Dennis Triplett
"Thank you so much for your incredibly fast response!  That is the best customer service I have ever received for any software I use!"
Deborah,Moth to Flame Studios
"Your product is terrific, and so is your customer service!   Thanks again!"
Tracy Ippolito
"Many thanks for your very detailed and quick response. This works perfectly! A great program you have here."
Josh Mitchell
"Holy smokes! I just got Dreamweaver and was having a little bit of difficulty creating menus, etc. with their built in software; however, the AllWebMenus extension for Dreamweaver is soooooooooo easy to use.

I am going to recommend this extension to all of my fellow teachers at the next professional development day for IT teachers. Again, amazing, amazing, amazing job. You guys are the best kept secret on the net!"
Rick Delainey
Information Technologies teacher at LCBI High School
Outlook, Saskatchewan, Canada
"I am usually fairly slow about doing things like testimonials, but the program just did something that I didn't know it could do, and it impressed me so much that I wanted to let you know. You have obviously spent a great deal of time in making sure that the program functions as it should. The menus are truly intuitive, and function as if they were created by a web designer--not a programmer. This program does exactly as it is advertised--which is something hard to come by in web development. I could not be more pleased with its abilities. Thank you for a wonderful program."
John Davidson -
"I was able to create a perfectly customized menu within an hour of installing AllWebMenus! Your software is truly impressive. I bought it because of its 5 cow status on Tucows and it deserves each one of them!! Flawless installation and registration, very intuitive...and a few more hours later, most of my customized menu are on, doing just what I want them to! Wow!"
Hélène Bardinet
"I bought a new machine and transfered all my programs from the old to the new. However, when I fired up AllWebMenus, on the new machine, it thought it was unregistered.

It's 1:56 AM and I need to use it NOW. Well, what ho! You guys have a routine that gives me a new unlock code right here on your site. Now THAT'S professional support.

Thanks, you guys are the best!"
Len Dozois
"I visited the site, downloaded AllWebMenus and started building a menu that was functional, attractive and greatly impressed my Board of Directors.
Did I mention that I did this in close to an hour?

You've built a wonderful application that has saved me time and lowered my blood pressure after trying to work with one of your competitors products.

Keep up the good work!"
Robert Mattson
Director of Community Relations, Acme Theater Productions
"Thanks for your fast response. The application is working beautifully, even though it's a pre-release. I've downloaded a copy of Opera just to try it out in another browser, even though our company is standardized on IE, and it still looks great. Thanks for making such a good product."
Tom Revay
AES/New Energy, Inc.
"I've been developing web sites for 7 years and have never found a development tool as great as this one! It's easy to learn and saves time and money. "All Web Menus" is incredibly versatile... making navigation possibilities endless. I really love it. I'm looking forward to an expanded product line from these ingenious guys!"
Michael O'Connor,
New Media Design and Development
"Thanks for your speedy response. Sounds great I will test out later today. Just on another note, I must say that I am extremely impressed with the level of support you have given me since I bought the product. I am also totally impressed with the product itself. I will be recommending it to every developer I know."
David Roland
Paper Scissor Stone

...and many other encouraging e-mails that give us tons of energy to create the best possible software for you. Thank you for your courteous support!

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