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Likno Drop-Down Menu Trees

Likno Drop Down Menu Trees
Eye-catching drop-down menu trees - Structured information
Use of various styles - Customization of items with icons for each state
Menu Tree creation from a database and much more!

Download the application of Likno Drop-Down Menu Trees which allows you to create trees for your local development environment (localhost) and your purchased (licensed) domains.


Likno Drop-Down Menu Trees Builder for trees Download just Likno Drop Down Menu Trees:

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Version:   1.1

Build:       #156.1        see what's new!

Size:        4.36 MB

OS:         Windows 8/7/Vista/XP/2003
               MAC (with Virtual PC)



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About licensing...

The unlicensed application is fully functional for your local (not published online) websites and you are free to use it for testing and development purposes. You need to purchase domain licenses for using the produced menu trees in your websites online.

You are not allowed to use the trial version inside distributable implementations (such as demos, applications or CD-based webs). To be able to use the produced menu trees in distributable implementations you will need a special license. If interested, please contact us for more information.


Using the API to create trees programmatically...

Apart from creating trees using the application's interface, you also have the option of creating your trees programmatically through the documented API. This option requires some programming skills (basic javascript knowledge), but gives you more flexibility as it includes functions for manipulating all aspects of the trees, sorting, searching for nodes, dynamically inserting or deleting nodes, etc.

The Likno Drop-Down Menu Trees API is now part of the application and you can extract a domain-specific API libary (ldmt.js) from the "Tools" menu. You will find full documentation on all functions at the application's HELP file by browsing the section "API: Create and manage your trees programmatically".

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Why purchase?

The trial version is fully functional for your local (not published online) websites. You are free to use it for testing or development purposes. You are not allowed to use it inside distributable implementations (such as demos, applications or CD-based webs).

Purchasing Likno Drop-Down Menu Trees entitles you to use the code in your publised website online.

Apart from the features above you also get benefits such as:

Reliability: Accumulated expertise in our javascripts development.

Upgrades: All minor updates of the program are for free.

Support: Quick and thorough answers from our dedicated support team plus detailed documentation.

Not to mention that you would be contributing to Likno Drop-Down Menu Trees's growth as the
registration fee is invested in its rapid development. More powerful features will be available to you.

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