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Your AllWebMenus license is already enabled for drop-down menus by default (as opposed to the "Sliding Menu Add-in" which is extra and optional).

With the Drop-Down Menu Add-in, you can create "standard" type menus that have "drop-down" submenus, otherwise known as "flyout menus", "folding menus" or "cascading menus".

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Features & How to setup a drop-down submenu

Choose a submenu group or style and select its <Type> property:

Slide Menu Setup 1

Click the property button, make it "vertical" and select the "Drop-Down" option:

Slide Menu Setup 2

The Drop-Down menu style is the "standard" functionality used on a web menu.
To see all available features visit the:

AllWebMenus Features

Download/Version Info

The current Drop-Down Menu Add-in version is 1.0.2 and is pre-installed in AllWebMenus Build #766 or above.

If you have an earlier version of AllWebMenus, download its latest version from the AllWebMenus download page (this will also install the latest Add-in version).

This Add-in does not install additional interface sections in AllWebMenus but allows an existing "Sliding menus only" license to be converted to a "Both Drop-Down & Sliding" license by purchasing and activating the Add-in.

Where to find Drop-Down Menu Themes/Templates/Examples

Drop-Down Menu Themes are available in the Menu Themes Gallery.

Drop-Down Menu Templates are available in the Menu Templates Gallery.

Drop-Down Menu Examples are available in the AllWebMenus Examples page.
(i.e. all non-sliding menu examples, that do not mention "Sliding" on their title)

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