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The AllWebMenus Web Modal Windows Addin allows you to open feature-rich popup windows (jQuery modal windows), created with the Likno Web Modal Windows Builder (separate product) by clicking on menu items of your choice!

Simply click below to see what a "modal window" actually is!

single-sheet modal window
multi-sheet modal window

OR visit the examples page to discover a variety of options and uses
(for the separate product, the Addin provides the AllWebMenus integration only)

View all examples

Through the "Likno Web Modal Windows Builder" you can easily create jQuery modal windows with many options, like showing internal HTML content (located in your actual page), content added easily through the interface (embedded), external or internal (AJAX) pages, and more.

The AllWebMenus Add-in offers an easy integration between your menu and modal windows produced with that software by enabling the <Open Modal Window> property (inside the AllWebMenus “Advanced” properties section) for any Item.

(In AllWebMenus)

open modal window on drop-down menu items
open modal window on drop-down menu items

Provided that you compiled, uploaded and linked your modal window project to your web page, you just need to edit the AllWebMenus <Open Modal Window> property with the value specified in Likno Web Modal Windows Builder for your project:

(in Likno Web Modal Windows Builder)

jquery modal window name jquery modal for drop-down menus

View all features of Likno Web Modal Windows Builder. Features

For detailed info on how to integrate the two products, please read the related Help topic in Likno Web Modal Windows Builder.

Download/Version Info

The current Web Modal Windows Add-in version is 1.0.2 and is pre-installed in AllWebMenus Build #792 or above.

If you have a version of AllWebMenus prior to Build #792, download the latest AllWebMenus version to have the latest Add-in version installed which adds the <Open Modal Window> property.

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