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AllWebMenus Pro
Cross-browser support - Multiple menu effects, styles & themes
Powerful menu positioning options - Unicode support - HTML edit capabilities
Multiple rows/columns - Addins/Plugins - Extensions - SEO Friendly - Sitemap support

Save time

Rich UI - For All Browsers
Any Editor - Any CMS

AllWebMenus is a web menu builder that requires absolutely no DHTML, CSS or Javascript experience from you.

You can design your CSS menu or JavaScript menu visually and fully customize it through a variety of powerful features or by choosing a predefined appearance from plenty of menu themes available in the Theme Gallery.

View examples of the type of menus you can create with AllWebMenus.

Your drop-down menu can be either vertical or horizontal (popup or drop down menu), movable, stay visible while scrolling, contain static or animated images, borders, colors and much more (see features below).

Through the "Compile menu" and "Link menu" commands you can add your web menu to your pages in a fast and easy manner, without any code involved.

AllWebMenus screenshots

(click the image to see the application's interface)

Major Features


Javascript engine supports all browsers, such as IE, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera, Mozilla, Konqueror, OmniWeb and more.

javascript browser support


Javascript engine supports all platforms, such as Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, smartphones (iPhone, Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry 6+) and more.

smartphones javascript support


Works with all authoring tools (such as Dreamweaver, Expression Web, NetObjects Fusion, CoffeeCup, etc.), even a simple text editor!

CSS HTML editors support


Works with all CMS and Blogs (such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Typo3, DotNetNuke, Expression Engine, CMS Made Simple, etc.).

CMS support

AllWebMenus will save you a significant amount of time and effort from programming cross-browser JavaScript menu code just by yourself.

Watch a quick overview of AllWebMenus Pro

Latest Menu Designs

Responsive menus
(for your responsive website designs or standard websites)

responsive menu

You can choose your menu to alter its presentation or behavior on different devices and screen widths, in any of the following 3 ways:

- Different styling
- Different content
- Different positioning

Responsive Menu Example

Optimized menu building with separate javascripts for different browsers.

The javascript engine downloads only a particular javascript file optimized for the visitor's browser. With that method the maximum engine size downloaded is only 55Kb and then it is cached for the entire visit (never downloaded again for the same visitor!).

Note: When you use the CSS Menu Genre option only a single, small javascript file is created for all browsers instead (common).

Section 508, WAI, WCAG, DDA compliance (option for accessible menus). section 508 complianceThrough the "CSS Menu" Genre option you can create powerful accessible menus, with keyboard navigation, support for screen readers such as JAWS, etc.

section 508 compliant menuA perfect solution for US, UK, Australian government sites or other websites that require accessible standards.

Full Search Engine Optimization (SEO) support

Through the SEO CSS Menu Addin you have 2 different options for creating SEO-friendly menus, by specifying how your web menu is populated with items and submenus.

Option 1: Using the project's structure, i.e. items that you add to your AllWebMenus project. These items are fetched from its compiled project's file,


Option 2: "On-the-fly", using <UL><LI> items fetched from the loaded page that shows the menu.

Ready-made options for your menu creation through the web menu ThemePacks and Templates.

AllWebMenus Addins (included in the application)

Generate menus on-the-fly through the Server-Side Menus API Add-in, either database-driven or programmatically generated menus based on your conditions/parameters, on server-side environments such as PHP, JSP, ColdFusion, ASP, ASP.NET, etc.

Server-Side Menus Example

Create menus with sliding submenus, otherwise known as "slide menus", "expandable menus", "collapsible menus" or "accordion menus", through the Sliding Menu Add-in.

Sliding Menu Add-in

Retrieve your Joomla menu from your Joomla website and import it into the AllWebMenus application to create stylish, feature-rich navigation menus, but not only!

Fully customize your joomla menus adding your own non-joomla menu items with external or internal links, html-rich content, colors, borders, effects, designs of your choice and many more.

Joomla Menu examples

Create stylish menus for your WordPress blogs based on the structure of your blog (blog posts, pages, etc.), your own custom menu items or both!

Fully customize your wordpress menus adding your own non-wordpress menu items with external or internal links, html-rich content, colors, borders, effects, designs of your choice and many more.

WordPress Menu examples

Create stylish menus for your Drupal websites based on its structure (pages, stories, taxonomies, etc.), your own custom menu items or both!

Fully customize your drupal menus adding your own non-drupal menu items with external or internal links, html-rich content, colors, borders, effects, designs of your choice and many more.

Drupal Menu examples

Supports all Authoring Tools

AllWebMenus has a generic approach for adding your javascript menus in your pages with any authoring tool - even a simple text editor!

Read how you can use AllWebMenus with any Web Authoring tool Expression Web, Dreamweaver, etc.

We also offer special free addins for Dreamweaver, Expression Web, FrontPage and NetObjects Fusion that add to the seamless integration of your menus to your pages:

  - Dreamweaver Templates, Libraries and Includes     

  - Expression Web    

  - FrontPage Shared Borders and Includes

  - NetObjects Fusion Masterborders

Create menus for framed web sites (cross-frame menus).
Also supports nested frames and iframes.

Use your own HTML code on selected menu items to achieve enhanced formatting or advanced functionality, from a simple working link, up to forms, flash objects, search boxes, even full-scale web pages!

(supported through the enhanced <Text> property) Full HTML example
or create mega drop-down menus (click to see how):

mega drop-down menus

Use Rounded Corners, in browsers that properly support CSS3 (IE9+, Opera 10.50+, Firefox 3.5+, Safari/Webkit 522+, Chrome and others).

You can adjust the roundness of each corner all together or even separately! (see submenus in menu screenshots below)

Apply Shadows at both groups (Main Menu, submenus) and items, in browsers that properly support CSS3 (IE9+, Opera 10.50+, Firefox 3.5+, Safari/Webkit 522+, Chrome and others).

You can adjust the appearance (color, opacity, offsets, blur, spread) of each shadow all together or even separately!
(see submenus in menu screenshots below)

Use Group Padding, as space between the item borders and their group's borders (edges). This space is filled by their group's background, which can be any color or a background image (texture, etc.).

You can adjust the padding of each side all together or even separately!

“Automatic Item Highlight” feature, which specifies whether an item whose property matches the URL of the loaded web page will show as selected.


If your web menu has a “Company” item that links to the company.html page:

auto item highlight

...and you browse the following URL:

auto item highlight address2

...your menu can appear as follows:

auto item highlight main item

Similarly, the "Show Item or Group on Appear" property allows you to choose a particular item to show as "selected" (highlighted) or a group to appear when the menu is initially loaded. See example

Vertical Scrollbar for vertical Groups now available
(supported through the enhanced <Type> property)

vertical scrollbar on drop-down menu

Note: Automatic Scroll on Mouse Over also available since v5.1.774. example

Multiple Rows and Columns on submenus now available
(also supported through the enhanced <Type> property)

Multiple Rows:
CSS multiple row menu
Multiple Columns:
CSS multiple column menu

Floating Images can now be added to any of your menu items, allowing for even more creative menu implementations.

floating images on CSS layers
Floating Image Example CSS

Create any kind of web menu fast by using pre-designed menu themes from the Theme Gallery.
Examples of free themes included in the distribution:

web menu themes

Also view free ThemePack 1 and additional ThemePacks 

40 Icons now available into the new "Icons" Category of Image Gallery.

icons for javascript menu

Example Menu Projects added to the distribution for free.

dhtml menu examples

Unique RTL support for Right-to-Left language implementations (such as Arabic, Hebrew, Persian, etc.) on your dhtml menus.

Can display all languages in the javascript menu text through full unicode support, such as:
Arabic, Basque, Bulgarian, Catalan, Chinese (Mandarin), Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Estonian, Filipino (Tagalog), Finnish, Canadian French, French, Galician, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hindi, Hungarian, Icelandic, Indonesian (Bahasa), Italian, Japanese, Kazakh, Korean, Latvian, Lithuanian, Malay, Norwegian, Persian (Farsi), Polish, Brazilian Portuguese, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Serbian (Cyrillic), Slovak, Slovenian, Spanish, Spanish (Mexico), Swedish, Thai, Turkish, Ukrainian, Urdu, Vietnamese, and many more!

unicode web menu

Can also display all symbols available in unicode, such as math symbols, etc.

unicode symbols

View demo

Create, link and update a web menu into your web pages in no time and without any code required.

Use multiple menus in the same page.

Use "separate" borders on any side (top, bottom, left, right) of Groups or Items.

Keyboard Navigation on menus by using the arrow keys (optional).

menu keyboard navigation

Full documentation on all features and properties! The HELP file is about 647KB offering you complete support on your design efforts. A complete printable manual can also be downloaded.

View the AllWebMenus HELP contents on-line!

Free Sitemap generator based on the functional web menu structure. The most effective solution for search engine optimized (SEO) menu implementations.

Read more

Use three flexible ways to position your menus:
- using window coordinates
- attaching the web menu to any element inside your page
- attaching the web menu to an image that already exists on the page

Watch a video to see how you can position your menu to your webpages.

Edit CSS menu properties through a WYSIWYG interface.

Use menus with Shared Borders, Templates, Libraries and more.

Choose among many options on "How", "When" and "Where" the submenus appear.

Choose among many options on "How", "When" and "Where" the submenus disappear.

Use the Advanced Copy/Paste functionality to quickly transfer any value among menu items.

Specify an alternative URL (without a menu) to open when a user has an older browser that does not support DHTML and Javascript (optional).

Specify an alternative URL (without a menu) to open when a user has an older browser that does not support DHTML and Javascript (optional).

Use Sticky submenus. A sticky submenu does not close unless you move to another item that has a submenu or click on the page. This is how the Windows "Start" menu works.

View demo

Add AJAX menu effects to your items.

Use popup and hidden menus that appear on events specified by you.

View demo

Use static or animated images for both background and content.

Create effects by using different property values for three different item states: the "Normal", "Mouse Over" and "Mouse Click" item states.

Floating menus: Keep the menu visible in the same position while scrolling using either smooth or immediate scroll.

Or use the "Advanced Floating Menu Add-in" for conditional effects, such as placing a 'floating menu' at specific sections of a scrolled page.

View demo

Specify Javascript Commands to be executed:
- when any menu item gets clicked
- when any submenu appears or disappears
when the Main Menu appears or disappears

This feature allows you to create fully extensible menus!

Use both vertical and horizontal submenus at any possible combination (see the "Links" item of the menu on our web site)

View demo

Use Header and Footer on the submenu groups and allow the user to drag the menu from its Header.

Use "Distances between menu items" and assign optional "Statusbar Text" for each item.

Use several unfolding effects for the submenus:
- Blinds, Iris Star, Pixelate, Radial Wipe, Random Bars, Random Dissolve and many more...

AllWebMenus has no hidden links.

AllWebMenus Awards

5-star Top Rating at Download.com

"AllWebMenus Pro lets you design attractive menus and maps for your sites with minimal effort. The host of parameters for customizing keeps you from repeating yourself. The interface is clear and helpful. The program generates on the fly the navigable preview of the menu you are designing. It lets you quickly try several variants and choose the best. The menu items are organized into a tree. You can edit a parameter for several items at once and change styles from one submenu to another. The program has an extensive manual that explains every parameter. You can choose from more than 100 preset design styles and save your own to use later. Finally, the program links the menu into your Web pages. AllWebMenus Pro is a real godsend to Webmasters."
AllWebMenus DHTML menu awards   
AllWebMenus DHTML menu awards   
AllWebMenus DHTML menu awards   
AllWebMenus DHTML menu awards   
AllWebMenus DHTML menu awards

AllWebMenus DHTML menu awards   
AllWebMenus DHTML menu awards   
AllWebMenus DHTML menu awards         

more awards and testimonials

AllWebMenus covers all your web menu creation needs. Become part of our growing base of professionals that trust and rely on AllWebMenus for their JavaScript menu implementations!

What's Next

Download trial version.

Purchase now and save yourself valuable time and energy for your cross-browser DHTML menu implementations.

View examples of important features.

See what's new in our latest build.

View our online web menu Theme Gallery of feature-rich DHTML menus.

All Web Menus screenshots

See screenshots of our DHTML menu JavaScript menu builder.

Web Authoring Tools

AllWebMenus supports the full set of Web Authoring Tools, such as:

Adobe Dreamweaver...
    ...with free Extension!
Microsoft Expression Web
Microsoft FrontPage...
    ...with free AddIn!
NetObjects Fusion...
    ...with free component!
Adobe Golive
VCOM Web Easy
Visual InterDev
1st Page 2000
CoffeeCup HTML Editor
Cool Page

and many more...

A complete solution for your JavaScript menu creation needs!

Sitemap Generators Included

With AllWebMenus you can create the following types of sitemap files:

Generic Sitemaps

Google Sitemaps

ROR Sitemaps

NOTE: The feature is free and available even in the evaluation (unregistered) version of the program.

Major Clients

Organizations from 112 countries have trusted and used Likno products for their Internet & Intranet website needs throughout the years!

A small sample of major organizations that have used our products follows below:

American Airlines
American Express
Andersen Consulting
AT&T Wireless
Bank of America
Bausch & Lomb
BellSouth Corporation
Bell Canada
City Financial Group
Computer Associates
Deere & Company
Fidelity Investments
Ford Motor Company
GMAC Insurance
Johnson & Johnson
JP Morgan
Lockheed Martin
Lucent Technologies
Merck & Co.
Merril Lynch
MGM Studios Inc.
Northwest Airlines
Philip Morris
Sun Microsystems
Thrifty Rent-A-Car
Time Warner Cable
Toys R Us
Walt Disney World
Wells Fargo

Click here to view Universities, Government Agencies and other organizations using our products.

True Testimonials

The new version has absolute KILLER features and I can only say thank you because as a professional web developer, this one program has saved me hours and hours of frustration and ensured that I earn money quicker.


Greg Wallis

Click here for more comments

Tips Corner

Q: Do I need to download anything extra in order to be able to see the drop-down menu on a website?

A: No. The AllWebMenus script is based on javascript, not java, thus you only need a javascript-enabled browser (a functionality that all major browser today have).


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JavaScript Menu Themes

Download hundreds of ready-made web menu themes or templates and create stylish DHTML menus / JavaScript menus in just minutes.

Click on the link below to view our Menu Theme Gallery:

JavaScript Menu Themes

JavaScript Menu Examples

Check out live examples of javascript menus you can create with AllWebMenus via our Examples Page. Download the project and adapt the menu to your own needs!

Click on the link below to view our Menu Examples :

JavaScript Menu Examples

Client Testimonials

more testimonials

Awarded as top software by several reviewers

more awards

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